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Is there anything more important in your home than your family’s safety? Of course not, and that is why Madaras Electrical takes pride in making sure your home is protected by the best safety devices available.

GFCI’s are a very sensitive safety device designed to break the circuit and cut the power to the cord in milliseconds to protect you from these heart stopping attacks. All wet areas of your home such as your bathroom, kitchen counters, patio, etc. are required under the National Electrical Code to be protected by a GFCI device. Our expert technicians can show you where they are needed and test any existing ones you may have to be sure they are functioning properly.

Adding to the dangers of this gas is that many of symptoms from exposure are misdiagnosed because they resemble flu-like symptoms. Higher concentrations of exposure can lead to more serious symptoms such as dizziness, serious headaches, nausea, impaired vision and reduced coordination. It is fatal at very high concentrations.

That is why Madaras Electrical recommends installing a carbon monoxide detector in all locations where smoke detectors are required. We even offer combination units that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide

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